About Me

_MG_7533 (2)Hi, I’m Dora. I’m a certified Yoga and Meditation instructor, registered Holistic nutritionist, Reiki Master practitioner, and mother of two very energetic little boys. I currently reside in Waterloo, Canada and am still trying to get accustomed to the long Winters here, a far cry from the sub-tropical weather of my hometown in Australia.

Growing up, my lifestyle could not be further from healthful, let alone holistic! I survived mainly on fast food and junk food; exercised infrequently; reached for pharmaceutical drugs for all my ills (big or small); and was very high-strung and super stressed.

I had a constant battle with acne, eczema, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), panic attacks, and horrendous premenstrual syndrome (PMS). For the most part of my adolescence and adulthood I’d had suffered from numerous symptoms and discomforts on a daily basis, so much so that I had accepted these discomforts as my ‘normal’.

Having a Chinese background, I had grown up with Traditional Chinese Medicine. However, when I started university and began pursuing a degree in Science/Biotechnology, and going on to obtain a PhD in Immunology, I had put all my faith and trust into allopathic or Western medicine. I loved how rational and sensible science is. I had felt that science was superior to all else and I would judge or reject alternative ideas that were not backed by science. Believe me, I still do love and support science and research but now I also have a great appreciation of other ideas or methods which may not be so conventional or ‘rational’. I lived for many years falsely believing, or even convincing, myself that I was happy. But I wasn’t. I could tell something was missing inside of me but I couldn’t figure what it was. The answer took some time to surface. Put another way, the answer came to me at a time when I was finally ready to receive it.

Yoga opened my mind and set me on my journey towards self discovery, self acceptance, and self empowerment. It helped me find my purpose and passion in life. I began to realize that there is a different way to live, a better way, a happier way. This path lead me to holistic nutrition, and later, to Reiki. It took me a number of years to transform my way of life, it is still evolving and I believe will continue to evolve for as long as I live, but even in the early stages of transformation I had noticed significant improvements in my eczema. I no longer experience any panic attacks or any symptoms of IBS or PMS. My skin cleared up and was much less oily. I had so much more energy and my sleep quality improved tremendously. Even with having little ones constantly circulating germs and viruses from school and daycare, apart from an occasional minor sore throat, (touch wood) I have not succumbed to any illness for the past 7 years! It is truly an eye-opener to realize what I’d thought was my ‘normal’ really wasn’t! It is hard to believe I had spent the majority of my life suffering from all these illnesses needlessly. Now knowing how amazing I could feel when I am healthy, there is no turning back for me!

I know I am only starting to scratch the surface but I cannot contain my excitement to what I will continue to discover and achieve as I dive deeper into my journey because already I have found meaning in my life; an inner fire to fuel my passion; love and acceptance in myself; inner peace; gratitude; and finally, happiness! This is the most beautiful and empowering feeling I have ever felt. I sincerely believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience this. This is why I would like to invite you to join me on the path to holistic living and open yourself to endless possibilities!



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