Class descriptions

Gentle Yoga:

A gentle class moving through basic Yoga postures with an introduction to simple breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation. Suitable for beginners or anyone wishing to practice Yoga at a gentle pace.

General Yoga:

A moderate class designed for Yoga practitioners of all levels. This class includes an active sequence of Yoga postures aimed at improving strength, flexibility, and balance, while bringing attention to the connection of the breath with body and mind.

Power Flow:

A stronger class focusing on connecting breath with movement, and improving strength and stamina. Suitable for anyone looking for a more challenging Yoga practice.

Family Yoga:

A playful Yoga class to improve flexibility, strength, and balance taking place within a nurturing environment which is emotionally nourishing and provides a wonderful bonding experience with your loved ones.

Chair Yoga:

A gentle class with the use of a chair. Depending on the physical abilities of the individuals, Yoga can be practiced sitting on the chair for the duration of the class or the chair may be used for support for certain Yoga poses. Ideal for individuals unable to work directly on the floor. Connecting gentle movements with the breath, this class also aims to improve flexibility, strength and balance.

Private/Corporate classes:

Private classes are a great way to receive a Yoga practice personalized to your needs. Alternatively, if you have a group of people from work, home, or from your circle of friends interested in Yoga, I could bring the class to a location convenient to you.



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