Positive mind, healing body.

How many times have you heard someone say: "It's all in your head". Implying that whatever you may be feeling or experiencing is not real, or that it is so minimal that it doesn't deserve attention. Well, a lot of research has gone into the workings of the brain, the mind, and emotions, and how … Continue reading Positive mind, healing body.


Compassion – the path to a healthier life

In this cut-throat world, where most people judge their success by their position, wealth and power, compassion may appear to be a hindrance or even a weakness. But did you know that not only does compassion play an essential role in our mental and physical health, it has also been key to our survival as a species? … Continue reading Compassion – the path to a healthier life

How to tame a monkey mind

I was (and probably still am) one of those people with a very active mind.  Constantly on overdrive, loading up with random thoughts, internal dialogues with myself, feelings and emotions, stress, and worries all jumbled into one chaotic mess, cramped inside my poor head. I used to feel so overwhelmed that I would picture my brain burst like … Continue reading How to tame a monkey mind

Yoga changes your brain!

I was once asked: "What is Yoga good for?". Well, my answer is, what isn't it good for? Sure, we've all heard about how Yoga could transform your physical body by increasing flexibility, building strength and stamina. We have also heard how Yoga decreases stress and depression. Research has shown that keeping a regular Yoga practice … Continue reading Yoga changes your brain!