It was an honor for me to be your first client in your private Yoga Practice. Your knowledge, dedication and professionalism showed every step of the way. I am forever grateful for having your support, not only in the duration of the program but also afterwards. The opportunity of working with you in creating a program that is optimal for my healing, has been a blessing. I cannot thank you enough.

Even though our sessions are over (and I miss them so much), I continue practicing the Yoga plan that you prepared for me as well as the affirmations, the meditations and the recommendations that you outlined for me.

Your listening, your ability to communicate and exchange information with me regarding new research in the nutrition field and the mind/body connection, was a very important aspect of our sessions. Many of us, searching for ways to improve our health (physically and emotionally), need someone to listen to us. Once we are heard, the healing process begins. In my case this has been life changing so I want to thank you and acknowledge you for the great work you are doing.

I was very fortunate to be working with you after you attended the Yoga conference in Toronto since you were happy to transfer to me some of the knowledge you acquired at the conference. You are always eager to share your knowledge and help the people around. You showed me that you genuinely care for my well being.

Your approach to building a very integrated Yoga practice has been really well thought. You are very well organized and were always prepared to help me have the best experience during our sessions. The way you are setting up office and the environment for your practice is really inviting and welcoming! I always felt happy when arriving to our sessions and happier when leaving with a sense of calm, relaxation and well being but most importantly, I always left feeling EMPOWERED which is really important for me.

I am proud of you and your work and dedication, Dora. My wish for you is that you grow a very strong integrated practice and lots of success in all areas of your life. I know that with your desire to learn, your hard work and dedication, you will accomplish all your goals.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!